Backpacking gear

Hiking Clothes

Socks & Shoes- We both hike in Injinji socks. These toe-socks keep the blisters at bay and dry quickly.

  • Cope wore Brooks Cascadia Trail Running Shoes in the past, but has been trying out the ever popular Altra Lone Peak 4 recently. Both shoes provide light-weight protection and tend to dry quickly. Smartwool socks for camp socks and Z-Trail Xero Sandals for camp shoes.

  • Trailbride hiked in Patagonia’s AC Drifter hiking shoes prior to them being discontinued. No longer an option, Trailbride hopped onto the Altra train and has been hiking in Lone Peak 3.5 and 4s. These light-weight shoes offer sure-footing and security. Smartwool socks for camp socks and classic Crocs for camp shoes. While Crocs are heavier than many other camp shoes, they offer toe protection and can be worn without getting your socks wet.


Packs & Poles

TCSP217_Copper Spur 2 Platinum_TentWithFly-003.jpg
Wind River Traverse, Aug. 2017

Wind River Traverse, Aug. 2017


Sleeping gear

cooking & Cleaning

Stoves- For light-weight expeditions, where fuel canisters can be easily replaced, we use the MSR Pocket Rocket. For international or high elevation travel we will use the MSR Dragonfly. 

Pots, Pans, & Utensils- We use the MSR Titanium pot set and swear by the long handled Sea to Summit Titanium spoon, small bic ligher. 

Water Purification & Storage- We will be using the Sawyer Squeeze on the CDT. Through sketchier water sources we will also carry Aquamira water treatment drops.

First Aid Kit & Toiletries- First Aid Kit (personalized to our needs), toothbrush & toothpaste, castile soap, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, dental floss, poop shovel, toilet paper, menstrual cup. 

Bear Can-When areas call for a bear can Trailbride carries a Bearikade (just over 1 pound empty!) and Cope carries a BearVault (at 2 pounds empty, it is heavier, but much cheaper). 

Headlamp & Knives- Small Leatherman knife and lightweight headlamp. 


Battery Pack- We just started carrying the Anker 26800mAh which charges a phone at least 6 times. It’s pretty heavy though.

iPhones- Cope carries an 7s and Trailbride uses an 8plus.

Tripod & Headphones- JOBY GorillaPod Mobile Min, and AirPods.